17 04 2009

Yo bobcoffee7 posting penguins here are the furninture ctalog cheats
Click the bush for the Wheel barrel
Click the garden for the Picket Fence
CLick the guitar case for the disco ball
click the word puffle for the white puffle poster
Click the pond for the ice table.
Click The thing circled for the aquarium.
WAddle on,


16 04 2009

Yo penguins Bobcoffee7 posting there is a new news paper today!
And there will be some new cool sledding gear check it out
Cool Eh?
Waddle on,
~Bobcoffee7 8)

Midevil Party Sneak Peek

13 04 2009

Yo penguins bobcoffee7 posting First off as you remember you were choosing the background for the midevil. Background 3 won!
What do you think did you vote for this one?
Now club penguin came out with a sneak peek for the party
What do you think I think its the book room! I hope they don’t bring back the items from last years party.

Easter Egg Hunt!

10 04 2009

Yo penguins bobcoffee7 posting here are where all the eggs are 😀
Click The Night Club Spotlight for the first Egg:!:
You would see an egg next to me but I picked up so its not there.
Click on cart surfer then a cart will come in with the egg
Oh and Egg 4 I forgot to get a picture so I’ll just tell you where it is its at the dojo courtyard
Click the thingy thats circled then you will see the next egg
Click the fish Bucket then the egg will pop out 😀
The next egg is at Ski Hill
And the last egg is at the lighthouse roof just click the on and off thing then the egg will come
Now Click claim prize then you will get pink bunny ears!
Waddle on,

Clothing Catalog Cheats!

3 04 2009

Yo penguins Here are the Clothing Catalog Cheats.
Click The Cup of coffee for the black Graduation Hat!
Click The Sweat shirt for the boa
Click the spotlight for the Pink Mo Hawk
Click the gold for the pot of gold
Click The coffee shop sign for the blue spiketer

Clothing Catalog Delay

3 04 2009

Yo penguins I was going to post the new clothing catalog but the new clothing catalog is not there 😐 I will post it when it comes out.

Nice Party!

2 04 2009

Well, i am impressed by bobcoffee. He’s doing awesome! I want to have a party so if anyone wants to see olemiss100 or (if he wants to) bobcoffee7, then come to the party!

Where:  The Iceburg

When: Saturday, April 4, 2009

Why: No Reason, just to have fun!

Server: Fjord

Time: 7:00pst (penguin standard time) (The time was changed due to plans )

Everyone is invited so be sure to come!!!