A Banner!

2 11 2008

Well, I got me a banner!!!!!! It didn’t take me long to make it, but I like it!


Rockhopper Is BACK!!!

17 10 2008

He is back with the…EYEPATCH!!! Cool! It almost completes my pirate costume! All I need now is a pirate hat/bandana! Also, don’t forget about my party today! Plus if you want to see the NEW party hat, go to this link: http://www.clubpenguin.com/celebrate/

Fall Fair And Mission 9

7 10 2008

The Fall Fair has been extended! I don’t know how much yet, but I know it’s been extended.
Also, Mission 9 is having some problems, so Club Penguin hasn’t released it yet. I might post a guide for it later.

PARTY! For 1000 Hits!

29 07 2008

When: Saturday, August 2nd

Sever: Ice Palace

Time: 12:00PST

Where: The Dock

Hope You Come!!!

Penguin Band Tracker!

28 07 2008

!!! PARTY !!! 300 !!! HITS !!!

26 07 2008

When: Monday July 28th

Why: 300 HITS!!!!!

Where: Olemiss100 on the map and the Dock

Sever: Ice Palace 

Time: 3:00 PST

Hope you come!!!

Click The Dragon Eggs People!

25 07 2008

Alright this is so cool but everyone has to help out! Everyone click each egg once a day and they will hatch! PLZ help! I will post if they ever hatch so don’t worry if they hatch. On final note click EACH egg once or twice every day!!! 🙂