Fall Fair And Mission 9

7 10 2008

The Fall Fair has been extended! I don’t know how much yet, but I know it’s been extended.
Also, Mission 9 is having some problems, so Club Penguin hasn’t released it yet. I might post a guide for it later.


New Party And News

10 08 2008

Alright the party will be on a very famous sever. The sever I go on the second most: FJORD

Time: 6:30pst

Sever: Fjord(duh)

Where: Dock

Why: Random Party

Date: Friday, August 15th

This Party’s Gonna ROCK!!!

In other news Aqua Grabber has got 2 new levels.
Also Bacon(not edible)707 is now my buddy!!!
Thats all for now over and out!!!

PARTY! For 1000 Hits!

29 07 2008

When: Saturday, August 2nd

Sever: Ice Palace

Time: 12:00PST

Where: The Dock

Hope You Come!!!

!!! PARTY !!! 300 !!! HITS !!!

26 07 2008

When: Monday July 28th

Why: 300 HITS!!!!!

Where: Olemiss100 on the map and the Dock

Sever: Ice Palace 

Time: 3:00 PST

Hope you come!!!

New party and game!!!!!!!!!!(+ a new item!!)

24 07 2008

Alright it’s been a while but i can finally post something!!!! Now there is a new game coming out called Mix Master. It is a dj game where you can make music(duh) anyway, a new item called the backstage pass is coming out and it is limited so look out for it and get it soon!!! The party is a music party with different styles of music for each room. Look out for me at the party!(ICE PALACE 4 EVA!!!)

I’m having a make-up party!

14 07 2008

Sorry for missing the 111 hit party i was too busy.  i’ll make it up for you!

When: TODAY July 14th

Where: Dock

Server: Ice Palace

Time: 8:30pst

Club Penguin’s First Music Festival

10 07 2008

The music festival has inspired me to make a band!!! Comment on this message if you want to join my rockin’ band!!! Hurry because the first 4 people to comment is in my band so hurry!