A Banner!

2 11 2008

Well, I got me a banner!!!!!! It didn’t take me long to make it, but I like it!


Fall Fair And Mission 9

7 10 2008

The Fall Fair has been extended! I don’t know how much yet, but I know it’s been extended.
Also, Mission 9 is having some problems, so Club Penguin hasn’t released it yet. I might post a guide for it later.

And The Winner Is…

1 09 2008

And the winner is… Sorcerersean!!! I’ve thought really hard on this but I think sean has the most experience. Thanks to all that entered! Also I went to an olemiss game two days ago! :mrgreen:

New Party And News

10 08 2008

Alright the party will be on a very famous sever. The sever I go on the second most: FJORD

Time: 6:30pst

Sever: Fjord(duh)

Where: Dock

Why: Random Party

Date: Friday, August 15th

This Party’s Gonna ROCK!!!

In other news Aqua Grabber has got 2 new levels.
Also Bacon(not edible)707 is now my buddy!!!
Thats all for now over and out!!!

Click The Dragon Eggs People!

25 07 2008

Alright this is so cool but everyone has to help out! Everyone click each egg once a day and they will hatch! PLZ help! I will post if they ever hatch so don’t worry if they hatch. On final note click EACH egg once or twice every day!!! 🙂

New party and game!!!!!!!!!!(+ a new item!!)

24 07 2008

Alright it’s been a while but i can finally post something!!!! Now there is a new game coming out called Mix Master. It is a dj game where you can make music(duh) anyway, a new item called the backstage pass is coming out and it is limited so look out for it and get it soon!!! The party is a music party with different styles of music for each room. Look out for me at the party!(ICE PALACE 4 EVA!!!)


16 07 2008

I knew the features would bu awesome, but i didn’t expect this from you CPIP!!!! Guys(and girls :-))  you

HAVE to see this!! Go on cp NOW!! WOW! I can’t belive this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On second note, items were changed; the black hoodie for example.