new penguin plush?

11 05 2009

hey everyone,

i got a exclusive for this site , put it on your site so everyone knows about it!
i have discovered a new plush penguin , the fashion designer! i think it is series 3 , but the code is series 2????

here it is:

by the way dont ask where i got it , it is annoying.




olemiss is the best!

29 03 2009

hi everyone!, well i am ere today typing about a best buddy of mine…we met at one of bacons partys in the book room and the coffee shop,he stopped me from deleting a blog, and he might seem a ok blogger, but to some online buddies and real buddies hes more, so i thought i would show you how he saved my blog:

Tessa………..she deleted her blog. I know ur were really good friends and it has to be connected to ur “blog change”. I HATE the idea of a blog swap. this is a bad decision! plz listen to me! r u insane?! I am sad that bacon707 is gone because we meet at one of bacon’s party things. i know this is a bad idea! its me, olemiss100, one of ur best friends talking to u! ur blog is one of my favorite things to visit. I miss tessa too. even if ur blog swap isnt to do with tessa, plz think this over. u made ur blog look so sad and i would do ANYTHING to help u fix ur old blog even tho nothins wrong with it.
…….plz sean think this over, i beg u. ur great buddy,

so have you ever had a email like this from fever or simmer or wweadam (retorical question dont answer it)

no, you havent ( unless your lucky), but he has worked so hard for this blog, so he deserves something , well my online days are coming to a end ive been playing since august 2007, and i have the EPF game it is awesome (BUY IT)

so support him plz,




hi everyone!

23 03 2009

sorry i aint posted much lately buti have been making things for my site like this:


as u can see i have the CP DS game!!! i completed it with all the awards and clothes and even time travelled got the other clothes from the other catologs and got the 2 free items and did the non EPF missions!

i now have 10,ooo coins and my uploadin thing doesnt work so im kinda miffed




Raise awairness for Madaline mccan!

3 02 2009

Yes,everyone know the horror of Madaline , and we all wish she would come home. Since Club Penguin is now a very big thing , maybe someone knows where she is? and plays?

So i am asking all penguins to raise awairness of Madaline mccan!

If you want to come along please do , and if u know something tell us or report it to the cops, please come along.The more penguins we get with us the more it will raise awairness for her!

Please come along!

here are the details:

Saterday 7th February,


12:21pm PST

we will start at the cove then work our way around the island 20 minutes in each room.

Please copy this and comment or post this on as many sites as you can!

———————————————————– copy above this line!

thank you for your help!

yours faithfully



2 02 2009

yes , im back ,soz for not posting anywere evry1 but ive been working on something… yes i am  ninja ( since saturday ) so im gonna PARTY!!!!! evry1 is invited! its this friday at 10:03am PST server is fjord!

i will be having a dojo party ( like a dress rehearsal ) every night same time same evrything but the date it is evry day till friday then its the real thing!



bambadee is real

16 12 2008

yes finally club penguin have released bambadee but they dont want crowds so they made a different account bambadee3296 , i had a similar account but it was called bambadee3274 , and well he only can add ppl if they have a friendship bracelet.

so now u know the secret , but also like rh if he says ur name then hes not a bot.

he is found most the time near the migrator. he mostly comes out when rh is here but has been known to go on on parties!




the fall fair!

26 09 2008

Well sos its late but here it is the fall fair!

a puffle feeding game!

woo hoo!
the member only area