Nice Party!

2 04 2009

Well, i am impressed by bobcoffee. He’s doing awesome! I want to have a party so if anyone wants to see olemiss100 or (if he wants to) bobcoffee7, then come to the party!

Where:  The Iceburg

When: Saturday, April 4, 2009

Why: No Reason, just to have fun!

Server: Fjord

Time: 7:00pst (penguin standard time) (The time was changed due to plans )

Everyone is invited so be sure to come!!!


Bobcoffee’s in!

19 03 2009

He will post pic and he will put his input and ill put mine in an update. Also i wont be here friday, saturday, and sunday, because I’m going to camp! bobcoffee, i’m counting on u for the few days im out. plus, if anyone wants to, my chat is on my blogroll look at it.

The e-mails

19 03 2009

alrighty then, i need ANYONE that wants to help to send their e-mail to the first 2 get the job!

Help Wanted!

16 03 2009

I’m gonna need some help re-starting my blog. I need a pic person and a partner to help me a.k.a. a co-author. Please please comment for the job. I’m counting on u people!


13 03 2009

sorry for not posting, i’ll get this site back up and running soon, and the party is awesome!

Parties Or Something…

26 01 2009

I have no idea wat to do… I’m gonna need some help. We could do parties or anything that comes to mind. I NEED YOUR IDEAS!!! Come on, we need to do cp parties or something to get everyone together. Please comment your ideas because I really need some help.

:( No one else guessed…

9 01 2009

well, i waited & waited. but… no one else guessed! i was sad. ayway, davyxdaddy is the winner! just put your e-mail in a comment and ill send the code to u.