olemiss is the best!

29 03 2009

hi everyone!, well i am ere today typing about a best buddy of mine…we met at one of bacons partys in the book room and the coffee shop,he stopped me from deleting a blog, and he might seem a ok blogger, but to some online buddies and real buddies hes more, so i thought i would show you how he saved my blog:

Tessa………..she deleted her blog. I know ur were really good friends and it has to be connected to ur “blog change”. I HATE the idea of a blog swap. this is a bad decision! plz listen to me! r u insane?! I am sad that bacon707 is gone because we meet at one of bacon’s party things. i know this is a bad idea! its me, olemiss100, one of ur best friends talking to u! ur blog is one of my favorite things to visit. I miss tessa too. even if ur blog swap isnt to do with tessa, plz think this over. u made ur blog look so sad and i would do ANYTHING to help u fix ur old blog even tho nothins wrong with it.
…….plz sean think this over, i beg u. ur great buddy,

so have you ever had a email like this from fever or simmer or wweadam (retorical question dont answer it)

no, you havent ( unless your lucky), but he has worked so hard for this blog, so he deserves something , well my online days are coming to a end ive been playing since august 2007, and i have the EPF game it is awesome (BUY IT)

so support him plz,







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