I Need Some Help!

26 12 2008

I know im not the best pic poster, so I need a way to post pics without taking up half the screen. It has to be FREE. If anybody can help me, e-mail me at olemiss1000@hotmail.com , or just comment! I hope I can get your help! Oh, and MERRY (late) CHRISTMAS!!!




One response

2 01 2009

One word: PAINT. if you have a Microsoft computer. ETC. Dell or Vista, you should find it in Start>>Accessories>>Paint. If you have a Mac, you can ask a guy with a mac at http://fluffycatfan.wordpress.com . I hope this information helped. Now if you have a Microsoft, and use paint, Here is how to TAKE the pictures…

1. Go to where you want to take the picture.
2. click Ctrl + Prnt Scrn (<>new and then when you have a new page, right-click and then click paste. Then at the edge of the picture, there is a little messure thingy-mo-bob, it will show an arrow if you are on the corner, then pull it to the actual edge of the screen, where the clock is, then let go, then File>>Save As>> Save in file>> then name it>> then click save. then go to your website, and click open picture, then find the file you saved it in,then search the name of the picture, when you find it, double click it, then when it opens make sure its saved as a .PNG file for the best graphics, which is located back at paint on the save menu, if you didn’t it will most lightly save it as a .bmp file which is not excepted to WordPress, sorry for only announcing that now, but I forgot, so then it loads and when its done loading make sure the size of the picture is on medium, if its on both medium and Large, click small then click medium again, then click insert into post. then its in the post! If you have a Mac, well then I just wasted the last 15 minutes around, typing.

Please say on the next post thanks to davyxaddy and a link.


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