bambadee is real

16 12 2008

yes finally club penguin have released bambadee but they dont want crowds so they made a different account bambadee3296 , i had a similar account but it was called bambadee3274 , and well he only can add ppl if they have a friendship bracelet.

so now u know the secret , but also like rh if he says ur name then hes not a bot.

he is found most the time near the migrator. he mostly comes out when rh is here but has been known to go on on parties!







4 responses

16 12 2008

hey sean, where did u get that info???

17 12 2008
Omen 24

olemis please add me to your blog roll, remember me? We were friends b4 on tooly’s chat, please add me. My site is please visit

17 12 2008

well ive been following the account for some time and i found some of this info about the account on other sites.

17 12 2008

Hi awsome site.

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