the secret new stage!

12 09 2008

 the new stage

these r the secrets

click the door for the detective coat!

pull the thingy down for the new backround

also to get the ruby pin if u cant be bothered to click those things do this:
sign in

go to a non chat server ( prefer ice rink cause its empty )

go to the stage

press tab until it goes on the painting and press enter 2 times aand it will come up to say would u like the ruby in press yes and done!

this is the long way

click the filing cabinet

it should look like this

then click the bins so it looks like this:

then click the book

then click the vase , many ppl r puzzld but now ill show u guys!

then click the painting!

and it will look like this:

then cick it

and collect ur prize!







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