Help Wanted!!!

28 08 2008

I want to trust someone to be a photographer! I really need someone to take this job! If you can help, then comment and I’ll see. Thats all for now!




5 responses

29 08 2008
Dr Carter

I can be a photographer but im ot quick. I have really pic taling skils

ps lets meet on cp so we can be buddies.

pss can I be on your blog roll

30 08 2008
Dr Carter

lets meet tomorrow on fjord at 10 pst ill be waiting at the dock

30 08 2008

if u add me i can help ur blog
u can see my email when u deit this comment


30 08 2008

ID LOVE TO! i accept the mission lol but yea i will do it look at my post itll go into more detail!

anyway bye!!!:)

1 09 2008

I already told you I would. Just send me an email on about what sort of things I need to photgraph.

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