New Party And News

10 08 2008

Alright the party will be on a very famous sever. The sever I go on the second most: FJORD

Time: 6:30pst

Sever: Fjord(duh)

Where: Dock

Why: Random Party

Date: Friday, August 15th

This Party’s Gonna ROCK!!!

In other news Aqua Grabber has got 2 new levels.
Also Bacon(not edible)707 is now my buddy!!!
Thats all for now over and out!!!




3 responses

11 08 2008

o lol…. random party. well nice site, u never said anything about have a blog. u should have told me, lol. šŸ˜‰ anyway umm me and sean (sorcerersean) are friends on cp. but not in real
well go to that link, lol. untill then CYA! ~Tessa10293~ :mrgreen:

11 08 2008
Empoleon 2 0

Nice site.I’ll come to your party.

14 08 2008

hi olemiss can u do me a favour plz um its a comic ( really a episode but made of pics ) and well ive requested u , tompot123 , watex . tess ( cant at present moment ) , jordantovey9 , bacon 707 and mozart dx so it will be fun if evryone shows it will be quiet and u will get to meet evryone in the list ( mostly ) unless they dont except . it will take five mins HONEST 10 at the most !
also if yes plz comment sayin if yes or no if no y not plz !
anyway thanx

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