Penguins Around The World!

13 07 2009

UPDATE: If you go on cp almost all the severs only have 1 line! Yo Penguins Club Penguin wants you to take a picture of your club penguin toys in a cool or fun place. It could be where your going on vacation or anywhere :D.
The results are in for the club penguin august t-shirt and the winner is:
The Splattersplatter_tee
Man, I wanted the tux tee to win. The tux tee was awesome. What did you vote for?



4 06 2009

Yo penguins there is a new newspaper First On 101 days fun there are these activities to do each day. Just click on the date.
And now there some new events Fair fables is coming back to the stage 😐

Newspaper Issue 187

14 05 2009

Yo penguins there is a new newspaper there some awesome evemts coming up rockhopper’s also coming some time this MONTH! TAke A look.
<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”news” title=”news” width=”767″ height=”430″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-1009″ /></a>
Thers also a new furiniture catalog what do you think the theme will be this time?

new penguin plush?

11 05 2009

hey everyone,

i got a exclusive for this site , put it on your site so everyone knows about it!
i have discovered a new plush penguin , the fashion designer! i think it is series 3 , but the code is series 2????

here it is:

by the way dont ask where i got it , it is annoying.



Medieval PArty

8 05 2009

Yo penguins the medieval party is here Here are the cheats for the member stuff Stand all the orbs to go to the next challenge knight Now Get alll the targets and get the gold shield free shield Go down left down right right up free helmet Now your done get the free suit! free suit Go to the lighthouse to get the free wizard hat Wizard hat ~bobcoffee7


7 05 2009

Yo penguins bobcoffee7 here! The Newspaper came out today. Here are some of the upcoming events. News snowy What do you think? Also The Medieval party is tomorrow. The new play at the stage is called the haunting of the viking opera! ~Bobcoffee7~

Stage Sneak Peek

5 05 2009

Yo Penguins my computer came back yesterday so now i can post pictures 😀 There is going to be a new play at the stage Heres a sneak peek
Im wondering what it will be What do you think. And remember contest!